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Nexus Gaming Clan

Nexus Gaming Clan specializes in Games Like Counter Strike, NFS, Fifa 09,Warcraft and more.The clan aims to win the WCG tournaments and will Hopefully Do so.



The Nexus Gaming Clan

The Members Area

Our clan is registered in steam as well.Our members are

Shreyan A.k.a White fang

Rishabh A.k.a Jared

Aditya Kumar A.k.a Xzhibit

Aditya Gupta A.k.a Quant^m

Gaurav A.k.a Oasis

Mrinal A.k.a Sacier Ruse

Ratik A.k.a Foresen or Ratman

Shikhar A.k.a M.r DX

Purusharth A.k.a Agent

Chirag A.k.a Ozboneslatter

Abhinav A.k.a Brorker

Ritwik A.k.a Crave

Dont Be Sane Be INSANE 

Site Building

We welcome your suggestions.Please mail to us for further information and suggestions at

The Site Developers

The site is the hardwork of many members of our clan.I dont want to name them specifically.Its just the contribution made my everyone.Cool

Our clan Blog has shifted to 


For any sponsors related issue please mail us at